Preview 1.14 update/release - New UI, etc... - Coming on the 27th

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Hello everyone! Today I'd like to announce that we will be releasing the 1.14 update this Wednesday. Please make sure you switch your launcher/game version to 1.14.4 in order to play Pixelverse. You should expect amazing new visual changes, a few bugs here or there, and hopefully an improved experience in terms of performance.

Why we updated:
So you must be wondering why we spent so much time just updating to 1.14 instead of just staying on 1.12 where everything was working fine. Well, updating will allow us to:
- Condense pack size, boosting performance of the server. Allowing the server to be accessible to all computers.
- Optimized Unicode allows for us to implement amazing new displays such as our HD healthbar for Pokemon and other visual improvements.
- More room for new features and new content in the future. I don't want to spoil too much but there will be even more radical UI changes to come as well as new content all of which 1.14 will make easier to make for you guys.

Thank you all for your support of the server, we love this community. ❤
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