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It is important to us that you have fun in a way that is respectful and constructive. These rules are set in place not to hinder your fun, but rather to enhance your experience when you play on Pixelverse.

Chat Rules:
1). Do not spam.
This includes three messages in quick succession of one another which do not contribute to a conversation.
Spam is also the use of EXCESSIVE CAPS LIKE THIS and use of an excessive amount of characters like thisssssssssssssss.
2). Do not provoke players.
This is simple, do not intentionally provoke other players. Harassing players or causing drama in chat will result in punishment. "Baiting" staff members will carry a more severe punishment. Baiting a staff member is intentionally provoking a member of the staff in order to get a reaction.
3). Do not post links that are not directly related to Pixelverse.
Brackets for player hosted tournaments are fine.
4). Do not advertise.
This goes hand in hand with rule 3. Don't promote other servers or websites.
5). Cooperate with staff members and be respectful of staff members.
Whatever a staff member says, goes. If you do not agree with a staff member there are multiple courses of action you can take without being disrespectful or causing drama. You can: DM the staff member and discuss your disagreement in private, DM a higher up staff member for assistance, Make a staff report if communicating with the staff member fails.

Please use common sense and we shouldn't have any issues!

Gameplay Rules:
6). Do not scam.
This is simple, don't scam other players. Note: if someone gives you a really bad deal, this is not scamming. You just got ripped off and should avoid trading with that player in the future.
7). Real life trades -
the only kind of real life trade that is allowed is purchasing a product from our store in exchange for an item on our server. Any deal that involves money or items outside or pixelverse is strictly prohibited.
8). Exploiting / Abusing glitches or bugs.
If it is not meant to be in the game and you continue to use it and fail to report it to a staff member you will face severe punishment. We will find out eventually anyways! Help protect the server and report anything you find immediately. If you aren't sure report it anyways. It is better to be safe than banned
9). Do not hack.
All forms of hacking are banned on Pixelverse, from fly hacks to derp.
Discord & Forum Rules:
10). Follow chat rules for the server. Easy.
11). Use the channels and sections for their intended purpose.
12). Do not post low quality threads or spam posts.
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