IMPORTANT Donor of The Month (DOTM) - Official information thread.

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Good evening trainers!
I have some important information to share with all of you today. This may be relevant to some more than others. I want to go over what Donor of The Month is and what you could get out of it.

What is Donor of The Month (DOTM)?
Donor of The Month is a competition in which the top donors of our server compete for the first place position of "Top Donor". This competition helps us raise money in order to fund the development of Pixelverse - new generations of Pokemon, epic builds for players to explore, new mechanics to grind. The winner of DOTM, gets to add one Pokemon of their choosing to the game. The only restriction is the Pokemon added cannot be a legendary or mythic Pokemon. All DOTM Pokemon are banned from tournaments and we reserve the right to deny any specific request but we will work with the DOTM winner to find something they will like.

DOTM is calculated by email address, if you are contending for DOTM - I must know which email(s) to check in order to calculate who is winning. No calculations will be made the first week of the month, calculations after that will happen weekly on Friday and frequently in the days leading up to the end of the month.

Previous DOTM Pokemon:
Bidoof -
@FeministJone's Lucario -
@alantran's Shuckle -
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