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Hello all. We are aware that all Universe servers are currently offline and that there is a tournament coming up on Sunday. I'd like to quickly fill you in on the status of things including what the issue is, what we are doing to resolve it, and what we are doing about the tournament. Currently, the reason all universes are down and cannot be brought back up yet is due to some issues we are having with our hosted hardware. We have contacted the hosts and are working on resolving this issue as soon as possible so everyone can prepare for the tournament. As for the tournament - I do not currently plan to cancel or reschedule it. Obviously canceling it would be a major letdown for everyone and we were excited to host this tournament since it's the first 2v2 tournament ever and we have a super special prize. Postponing it also is not a possibility since it is already on Sunday so if we were to postpone it would have to be next weekend which would then be too far away from Valentines day in order to call it a Valentines day tournament and the accordingly themed participation prize. I'll do everything possibly to avoid canceling, the good news is that your opponents will have lost the same amount of time to prepare as you so there won't be any advantages there wouldn't normally be.

All further updates regarding the server downtime will be posted on Discord - specifically if we get the server back up or have to change plans for the tournament. If you have any questions it would be best for you to ask them here.
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